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The Story

A celebration of artisanal craft.

From our artisans’ hands to yours, JON WESLÈ is a fusion of both tradition and modern luxury that supports its community. A tactile piece of living history, JON WESLÈ is a timeless expression of confidence derived from the cultural milieu and is a passionate symbol defined by a sense of self.

JON WESLÈ is built on the foundations of bold colour, luxury attention and timeless craftsmanship. Visionary designs for everyday living, our products are made exclusively from natural materials using complex weaving techniques. Hand woven from elephant grass of the White Volta near the village of Bolgatanga, female artisans weave these spectacular objects—the makers’ stories imbued in the warp and the weft.

A celebration of artisanal craft, JON WESLÈ reinvents tradition for a conscious consumer who seeks modern elegance with purpose. Created using techniques passed through generations from the rich flood plains of Northern Ghana, JON WESLÈ is ancient craft interwoven with a nation’s history of resilience.

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