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Reinventing tradition for a conscious consumer


From our artisans’ hands to yours, JON WESLÈ is a celebration of both tradition and modernity. An ancient art form passed from one generation to the next, our bags exemplify Ghanaian tradition with a contemporary twist. Savoir-faire that proudly forms our national identity, we embrace the skill that sustains a nation.

Storied techniques originated by nature, JON WESLÈ is a reinterpretation of traditional craft that respects the past to create the future.


A fusion of stories, culture and heritage, JON WESLÈ encourages women to explore beyond one’s cultural milieu. A connection to ritual and tradition, we meld intergenerational knowledge with the needs of a modern consumer. A form derived from its original function, we transcend trends and offer a humanistic connection with each maker.

Our bags’ form is forever changing, thus solidifying the relationship between the product and its owner.


We exist locally with a view to influence globally and take a non-interventionist approach to manufacturing by allowing our artisans to practise as they have done for centuries. Our bags’ use is not prescribed, they are accessible and designed for every day.

A reinterpretation of handicraft, we offer function to traditional materials that when after serving their purpose can return to the earth for regeneration.